Is a VPN required to browse the Dark Web privately?

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You may browse on the dark web for various reasons – to be anonymous and access from countries that ban websites, to access free scientific literature, to browse through online libraries, to be part of unique forums, to acquire unaffiliated news about political parties, or be a part of Facebook dark web site or access untraceable email account for free etc.

There are quite a few dark web software and browsers one can use to access the dark web. The most popular among them is the TOR Software and TOR browser to access the dark web. Though the TOR routes your traffic through multiple routers and multi-level of encryption, it is possible that your anonymity could be compromised or your data like email address could be revealed to hackers even if you use anonymous email providers. But, in some countries, even using Tor is banned. That is where a need for VPN is required.

What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it stands up to that name. A VPN performs encryption on the traffic and routes it through a middle server in a different location of your choice. For example, if a person living in Iran wants to access the dark web to share their experiences or gain access to materials banned in their country or even access Tor to be part of forums, then a VPN helps to mask your location and provides encryption when they browse on the dark web. A VPN can show that the person lives in the United Kingdom, but not in Iran.

Why do you need a VPN?

When you use a VPN, all the traffic coming from you will be trapped in a tunnel that is encrypted, so your exact location and IP address will be only visible to you and the VPN provider. For example, even if you use dark web email services, a VPN will provide you with another level of encryption, where you can send and receive files anonymously and defend you against hackers, criminals, etc.

Benefits of using VPN while browsing the internet:

  1. Looking at the current situation, almost 80% of the workforce ‘work-from-home’ and accessing important office documents is safer when using a VPN.

  2. Access free email account provided by free encrypted email providers, which help you share large files with sensitive information.

  3. VPN does not save logs of your traffic or your personal information, so it is safe to browse on the dark web, even your ISP won’t be able to see your activity.

  4. You can create a private network to help you access your network from anywhere.

  5. It helps in counteracting surveillance that is unwanted and could jeopardize your safety.

  6. It helps to bypass internet censorship banned in some countries.

  7. Enjoy browsing on the dark web without interruptions from Ad pop-ups or other marketing materials.

  8. You can stream content over the internet seamlessly.

  9. A premium VPN service will provide you with 256-bit encryption by preventing dark web malware.

  10. You can use a VPN to also protect multiple devices that are granted access to the dark web.

  11. Give secure access to make payments online through Internet banking, anonymous payment options like Bitcoin, etc. It helps in masking login credentials.

There are many VPNs that are available online like Nord VPN, Hotspot Shield, Proton VPN, etc. But, going with a free VPN would not be ideal, as they feature Ads or are not fully secure. Instead going with a paid version of a VPN service would provide you with better encryption and protection.

Things you need to browse the dark web:

  1. When you want to browse the dark web you will need an onion software and browser to access .onion websites like Tor. Apart from these, Duckduckgo is another popular browser to access .onion sites.

  2. You will require to setup an email account from a trusted email encryption service provider, like zMail.eMail. The service does not ask for any personal information from you when you set up the account. This service helps you to send and receive encrypted files easily. It also helps you to use this free encrypted email address to register on .onion websites, without giving out your name, phone number or location, or any other personal information.

  3. You require a premium VPN service to provide you with added security and protection when you are accessing and browsing the dark web.

Therefore, a VPN is essential to browse on the dark web privately. For more information on dark web email providers, click here.