Secure eMail: Why everybody needs eMail Privacy and Security

Secure email Service - Everybody needs email privacy and Security

An email is the most common means of communication all over the world and this makes it also the most vulnerable to be intercepted when in transit. To tackle unauthorize access to emails in transit, one must look to secure their email with encryption.

But, encrypted email is not only vulnerable during transit, but the email inbox could be compromised. Hackers could still get access to a user’s computer and still read the emails stored in the inbox. Since emails are not a direct form of communication, it goes through servers to reach the recipient and id even one server is compromised the entire email can be read. For this reason, using dark web email services is a better and full-proof option.

You can use the services of reputed dark web email providers and setup an untraceable email account to keep your email private and secure.

​Benefits of using a Dark Web eMail Account

There are many benefits of using a dark web email account (zMail.eMail):

  1. All your email communications are encrypted in transit with TLS (Transport Layer Security), end-end encryption, namely PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

  2. With TLS and PGP level encryption, unauthorized access to emails in transit and the user’s inbox is not possible, since the header information (subject line, sender, and receiver emails) and email content is encrypted leaving the hacker or malicious attacker with no information. Even the ISP or email provider won’t be able to see any information. Only the sender and receiver can view all the information of the email.

  3. The dark web email inbox is encrypted so that unauthorized access is not possible.

  4. A secure email provider uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for secure communication and data transfer.

  5. It protects you from identity theft, email phishing, targeted attacks, spying, etc.

  6. It automatically prevents spam from entering your inbox.

  7. Uses two-factor authentication, so that only you can access the email.

Email Privacy and Security Tips:

  1. After reading confidential emails like bank or insurance emails, one must delete such emails immediately.

  2. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection before accessing your email account to keep it even more secure. A VPN masks your IP address, it also creates a secure connection between your computer and the email domain server.

  3. Beware of phishing scams, do not open any email which you are suspicious of since files could have a virus that can hack your email account and your computer.

  4. Use a secure encrypted untraceable email account.

  5. Do not share your personal details online with anyone.

  6. Avoid creating passwords with your date of birth or name etc. Instead use a strong password with alphabets, characters, symbols, numbers, etc.

​How to get a secure email account?

Best email services for use on dark web or surface web needs to be secure and private with email encryption. Think of email encryption as an investment and insurance against hackers and malware attacks. Safeguarding confidential information will not only save you from potential hacks, but also those who communicate with you through emails will get secured emails from you. zMail.eMail is a trusted dark web email service. It is easy to sign up for the base zMail.eMail account, (use VPN ), simply go to TOR browser, (download it if you haven’t), copy and paste http://zmailaone5l2x2i6.onion/ to TOR and you are on your way to send and receive encrypted emails with a secure mailbox for free.

For more information on using dark web email services, connect with zMail.eMail personnel who will guide you through the process and help you create a secure and private email account.