Smart Ways to Protect Your Email Privacy with zMail.eMail

Email Privacy on Dark web

Did you know that email accounts are the most common details that get stolen or hacked online? According to 2020 Internet Crime Report, released by the FBI, email hackers have been able to cause losses for many. There was an approximate loss of $1.8 billion due to business email compromise and $54 million loss due to phishing scams.

According to FBI Section Chief Steven Merrill, Financial Crimes Section, “Unfortunately, criminals are very opportunistic. They see a vulnerable population out there that they can prey upon.” In order to protect your email there are number of precautions we can take.

Protect Your Email Privacy Anonymously

Some of the smart ways to protect your email privacy that can be followed by you are:

  1. Choose an Anonymous Email Provider: When you choose a dark web email provider like zMail.eMail, you can have access to untraceable email account.

  2. Encrypted Email: When you open an account with the best email for dark web provider like zMail.eMail, then you are guaranteed to send and receive encrypted mail. All emails have end-to-end encryption, since Google or Yahoo do not provide this facility.

  3. Use PGP service: Using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) service like zMail.eMail that will provide both private key and public key to login.

  4. VPN: Using VPN or virtual private network will help you access your emails; this will enable you to access your emails through multiple servers.

  5. Alpha Numeric character password: Use a password that is hard to decipher. Use alphanumeric password that also includes symbols and characters.

  6. No sharing: Do not share your information in forums or communities, where hackers lurk for private information. Also it is better not to share much information on social media groups, as this is another place where hackers can get hold of your information.

  7. Delete past emails: It is always good to delete past emails which may contain sensitive information. Sometimes people also send themselves important information like banking passwords or online wallet password, if this information is not deleted then you could face a lot of financial loss if in the wrong hands. The good news about using zMail.eMail is that it automatically deletes emails which you have read, so no one else will get access to them.

  8. Create two-factor authentication: Having a two-factor authentication will help you to keep your emails secure.

It is easy to get started with dark web email services of zMail.eMail:

  1. Download the TOR browser from Google if you have not done still.

  2. Open the TOR browser, make sure you do not resize the TOR window, as it could make your browser vulnerable as some plugins may not work. Keep it open in the default size.

  3. At the TOR browser, you need to sign up your base zMail.eMail account by copying and pasting given URL http://zmailaone5l2x2i6.onion/

  4. After registration, you can communicate anonymously, while protecting your privacy. You can send encrypted email with secure mailbox without any charge. It’s Free.

For reliable and secure email providers zMail.eMail is the best choice. For more information on zMail.eMail or if you have queries, connect with us here.