zMail.eMail: Secure Mailbox that Protects your Privacy

zMail.eMail is a leading encrypted email provider offering free encrypted email services to everyone. You can create an anonymous email account, without providing any personal details. Just enter your username, password and you are all set to send hassle-free and encrypted emails.

Zmail.eMail is a free encrypted email provider, designed by a team of top researches and gurus in the field of computer security to ensure highest standards of security and privacy to our clients. You can use zMail.eMail email account at any time and from anywhere. We provide you with a very compatible, easy to use and interactive design to send and receive your mails easily.

zMail.eMail servers are located at different corners of the world at our data centres in US and the India. We are trusted anonymous email providers by businesses and individuals, as we keep the identity of our users completely untraceable so they can enjoy hassle free services. Having zMail.eMail dark web email address provides you with a very safe and secure email experience, so that you can freely express your thoughts with no censorship at all.

Communicate Anonymously with zMail.eMail Mailer

zMail.eMail is the choice of more than 51% internet community of dark web. Why? because with zMail.eMail you can create and own an anonymous email address and communicate anonymously with anyone, while protecting your privacy. You can send encrypted emails with a secure mailbox without any charge. It’s Free!!

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Why Choose Us?

With zMail.eMail you can create and own an anonymous email address and communicate anonymously with anyone,
while protecting your privacy. It’s Free!!

Email Privacy

zMail.eMail knows the importance of having privacy and freedom to send and receive emails without any scrutiny or restrictions. Therefore, zMail.eMail provides privacy and anonymity to all its users.

Encrypted by default

All your emails are encrypted by default, only you can access the emails. Your emails do not get saved on our server, so your data is absolutely private.

Secure Communication

zMail.eMail is a secure communication channel that cannot be compromised, so if you are a journalist or a whistleblower, or an oppressed citizen, we have your back.

Robust Servers

zMail.eMail servers are highly secure with advanced multi-layer firewall and Antivirus, 24/7 surveillance, Daily Backups, Regular Software Updates, etc.

Express your thoughts

When you have zMail.eMail at your side, you can safely express your thoughts through private emails without fear of revealing your true identity.

Email Security and Anonymity for everyone

Email privacy, security, and anonymity are for everyone, that is why zMail.eMail provides a free basic account for you to start with.